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Real-time data & insights for national & central government

The Data City gives central government departments and agencies the ability to measure the UK’s economy on a national scale. Find sector strengths and opportunities, discover UK clusters and inform policy making.

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Measure the UK’s economy on a national scale

Are you a national governing body seeking accurate and comprehensive data to drive evidence-based policy making? Look no further. The Data City is your trusted partner in providing data-driven solutions tailored to the specific needs of government ministerial departments, non-ministerial departments, agencies, public bodies, high profile groups and devolved administrations.

  • Go beyond outdated SIC codes and access real-time insights to drive national economic growth.
  • Don’t miss a thing. Find national clusters, reveal the full scale of emerging sectors and do it all in real-time.
  • Turn insights into action. Utilise our diverse range of filters, including multiple financial and growth options.
  • Unearth high-growth and innovative companies with growth data for over 2.4 million companies.
  • Have a bespoke project? Get support from our team of in-house data scientists and platform experts.

Harness real-time data

Make impactful decisions with real-time data insights tailored for government departments. Drive economic growth, foster innovation and enhance public services with accurate and up-to-date company, sector, financial, growth and job information.

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Find the right solution for you

Make the most of our real-time data and platform with a solution that works for you and your department.

Platform license

Get unprecedented access for your department or team with a license from The Data City. View our RTICs, define new classifications and collaborate today.

Data Services

Working on a bespoke project? Get support from our dedicated Data Services team of platform experts and data scientists.

API Access

If you’d like something more hands on, then we can provide API access. This provides unrivalled flexibility for you to use the data as you need it.


Over 400+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications

Go beyond the limitations of outdated and inaccurate SIC Codes with our library of Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) now available in our platform.

Understand the UK’s emerging economy in more accuracy than ever with over 340 RTICs – from FinTech to Net Zero – designed by experts and ministerial departments.