B2B Marketing

The perfect data platform for B2B lead generation

Revolutionise your lead generation and B2B marketing process with The Data City’s AI-driven platform. Discover high-value prospects, build hyper-relevant lists and unlock lucrative opportunities in minutes.

A ground-breaking lead generation service

Bid farewell to dead-end leads and seize business opportunities. Our user-friendly platform helps you find qualified prospects in minutes with our AI list builder and real-time company database. Perfect for marketing agencies, in-house sales teams, lead generation companies, resellers and beyond.

  • Struggling to find the right audience? Discover more of the companies you want to work with using our state-of-the-art AI list builder
  • Don’t waste time manually searching for companies or leads. Build company lists or find lookalikes in a matter of minutes.
  • Qualify prospects with ease. Access over 90+ datapoints per company, including financial data, growth indicators, contact details and more.
  • Can’t find the sectors you need with outdated SIC codes? Jump into over 360 emerging sector classifications built with industry experts.
  • Turn insights into action. Save director info and export your target lists to your CRM, Hunter.io or save a CSV.

Harness real-time data

Get a full view of the UK business base, with our real-time platform of over 5.3 million companies and start-ups.

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Find the right solution for you

Make the most of our platform with a solution that works for you and your business.

Platform license

Get the full B2B lead gen experience. Explore our pre-built RTICs, build you own marketing lists and qualify prospects with a platform license.

Sector Lists

Have a specific sector in mind that you would like to explore? Purchase an RTIC (or group of RTICs) and dive into only the sectors you care about.

Global Data

Discover a world of opportunity with our new Global Platform. Talk to us about our database of over 94 million companies, across 11 territories today.


Over 360+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications

Utilise our extensive catalogue of pre-built emerging economy sectors. From E-Commerce businesses to SaaS start-ups, you can pinpoint companies most relevant to you and your organisation.

These classifications are built by our in-house data scientists in collaboration with industry experts, so you can rest assured that you are using relevant and accurate data.