Introducing the Innovation Clusters Map

We’re proud to announce the release of the Innovations Clusters Map.

Created by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology in partnership with Cambridge Econometrics, the Data City and the Innovation Caucus, this new interactive map presents a view of firm-level innovation activity in the UK.

Exploring Innovation Clusters

With the Government’s ambition to make the UK the most innovative economy in the world, this new collaborative research project aims to help better understand and support innovative clusters in the UK.

Built with policymakers, investors, government and researchers in mind, the data provided shows a comprehensive view of innovation in the UK with clusters. Clusters are groups of firms, research capabilities, skills, and related industries that benefit from being based in the same location.

Interactive clusters map

With this free-to-access tool, users can use an interactive map to explore clusters. There are a range of filters available which focus on different sectors, from Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Materials to Life Sciences and the Space sector.

DSIT Innovation Clusters Map

The map makes use of The Data City’s Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) – 46 emerging economy sectors classified using cutting-edge machine learning and verified by industry experts. Our RTICs provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the economy, going beyond the limitations of traditional systems such as SIC codes.

Additionally, the tool also allows for more granular research, with the ability for users to select from four different classifications of clusters.

Users are also able to download all the underlying data featured in the interactive map.

You can also read more about the data and methodology on the Innovation Clusters website.

Research impact

With the Innovation Clusters Map live, users are now able to access this data and explore clusters in the UK. This map will play a vital role in increasing private investment, promoting innovative companies and ensuring people across the UK can benefit from the innovation-led economy.

DSIT Analytical Report Cover

What’s next? As this is an iterative project, you can expect to see more updates to the tool delivered by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology and its partners.

Find out more

Interested in trying out the tool for yourself and exploring the UK’s innovation ecosystem? You can now use the Innovation Clusters Map and find out more about the project at

You can read a full report published alongside the Innovation Clusters map which has more detail about the research. It includes methodological details regarding the creation of the map and descriptive analysis of the various types of clusters identified within the UK.

If you’d like to learn more about our RTICs and data, please feel free to get in touch or why not sign up for a free trial of our platform.

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