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Get a real-time view of the UK’s entire business base with our extensive suite of company & sector information, RTICs, detailed financials, growth metrics, jobs & skills data and much more.

Real-time data, real-time value

The Data City provides an all-in-one data solution for those looking to understand the UK’s emerging economy and the innovative companies within them.

  • Gone are the days of outdated SIC codes, our data allows you to track and classify the UK’s emerging economy in real-time using RTICs.
  • Don’t settle for manually checked, limited databases. See the full picture with our comprehesive view of the UK’s entire business base of over 5 million companies.
  • Company info, financials, jobs & skills, funding, investment – get the data you need, from the sources you trust, all in one place.
  • Uncover and find true growth at any level, with growth measures for companies, verticals, sectors, regions and beyond.
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What makes us different?

Comprehensive Data

With The Data City you get access to a lot more for a lot less. Our comprehensive platform of UK company and sector data includes over 90+ datapoints including detailed financials, company info and growth measures.

Growth measures

We’ve spent years researching and building an unmatched understanding of growth, investment and innovation. Unearth high-growth start-ups and view emerging sectors in a matter of minutes, with our key growth measures and estimates.


We don’t rely on outdated and inaccurate SIC codes. Our platform includes over 350+ emerging economy Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) built from the ground up with the UK’s leading industry experts and authorities.

Under the hood

Get a true view of the UK’s emerging economy with in-depth financial information, company records, investment data, growth measures and much more.

  • Company
  • Sector
  • Financial
  • Jobs & skills
  • Growth

Get real-time data for over 5.3 million UK companies.

  • Company information – name, number, company type, incorporation date
  • People – directors, shareholders, persons with significant control
  • Website – URL, description, sector keywords, innovation keywords
  • Contact – Email, social media, telephone
  • Locations – registered address, operating locations
  • Group structure – parent company, parent location, ultimate parent company, ultimate parent location

Access our growing database of 350+ emerging economy classifications and sector verticals.

  • Real-time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) – 350+
  • Standard Industrial Classifications (SICs) – 730
  • SIC sections – 21
  • Custom Industrial Classifications (CICs)

View detailed company financial and investment information.

  • Full financials (past 6 years)
  • Estimated employees
  • Estimated turnover
Jobs & skills

Access detailed job postings and skills data provided by Lightcast.

  • Job postings (SOC4 classification)
  • Job postings (median salary)
  • Job postings – specialised skills
  • Job postings – common skills
  • Job postings – certification skills
  • Job postings – software skills

Access funding data by Dealroom.co and find true growth at any level, with growth measures for companies, verticals, sectors, regions and beyond.

  • Per round funding – type, amount, date, investor
  • Spinout flag
  • Growth trajectory – employees, turnover
  • Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
  • Company growth stage estimate
  • Innovate UK funding
  • 360Giving funding
  • Job postings

Our partners

We work with the world’s most trusted data providers and partners to bring you an experience you won’t get anywhere else. You’ll find data from Companies House, CreditSafe, Dealroom.co, Lightcast, Innovate UK, 360 Giving and much more.

View detailed company information and financial data from credit experts Creditsafe.

Discover high growth companies with funding and investment data from Dealroom.co.

Access in-depth jobs & skills data from Lightcast, the global leader in labor market analytics.

How our data is used

The Data City works with many of the UK’s leading organisations and policy makers, from government departments and local authorities to academic institutions and economic advisors.

  • National government & local authorities – economy measurement, sector mapping, policy making
  • Economic & public policy consulting – data analysis, economic insight, report publishing
  • Corporate finance – deal origination, company research, list building
  • B2B marketing – lead generation, sector research, new business


How frequently is your data updated?

Our data is updated bi-monthly, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Update frequency may vary for specific data sets. If you have questions about a particular data set, please contact our support team for assistance.

Where do you get your data from?

We get our data from a variety of sources. Our main source is Companies House of which all our data stems from. We use web scraping and our partners to enrich our data.

How accurate is your data?

This is highly dependent on the field of concern and may depend on the source of the data however our data is one of the most accurate UK business databases in the world. Our data sources are highly reputable and our rigorous processing methods help maintain our reliability on being a data provider. Our update frequency and QA process ensures our data is trusted by our customers.

Do you include operating locations?

Yes. We use multiple data sources including web scraping and our partners to source this data. We have over 7m locations for over 5m businesses of which we’re always improving coverage and accuracy.