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Real-time data & insights for councils & local government

The Data City empowers local government, county councils and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) with the tools to map and measure the local economy, identify opportunities for growth and showcase local strengths.

Discover the true scale of your local economy

The Data City provides an all-in-one solution for local authorities looking to understand the UK’s emerging economy and the innovative companies within them.

  • Go beyond outdated SIC codes and access real-time insights to drive local economic growth.
  • Don’t miss a thing. Accurately map emerging sectors, find clusters and measure the potential of your local ecosystem.
  • Turn insights into action. Identify local strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for investment with our platform.
  • Unearth high-growth and innovative companies with growth data for over 2.4 million companies.
  • Have a bespoke project? Get support from our team of in-house data scientists and platform experts.

Harness real-time data

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Find the right solution for you

From our platform licenses to bespoke directories, choose the product that fits your organisation’s needs.

Platform license

Explore, define, analyse & understand emerging sectors using Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) & an unrivaled database of over 5.3 million UK companies.


Showcase the true size of your local geography using real-time company, job and growth data with your own public Directory from The Data City.

Automated reports

Gaining invaluable insights for your local region has never been easier. Talk to us if you’re interested in automating your analysis and saving valuable time.


400+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications

Go beyond the limitations of outdated and inaccurate SIC Codes with our library of Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) now available in our platform.

Understand the UK’s emerging economy in more accuracy than ever with over 400 RTICs – from FinTech to Net Zero – designed by experts and ministerial departments.

What our customers say

  • “We support the use of the innovative technology at The Data City as a force for good, as we help emerging sectors and existing companies in the recovery from COVID-19”

    James Lewis
    Deputy Major, West Yorkshire

  • “Working with The Data City has been a pleasure and particularly helpful for understanding newer and emerging businesses.”

    Joshua Hawkins
    Lead Officer International, Midlands Engine