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Discover the world’s fastest growing sectors and companies, with The Data City’s brand new global platform. Interested in early access? Find out more about our exclusive alpha programme today.

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Introducing Our Global Platform

The Data City is pleased to announce the launch version of our global product.

Building on the success of our UK platform, our global product will take the interface, data and functionality our clients are used to and combine it with an expanding global dataset across 11 core territories. All underpinned by CreditSafe’s global company financial data.

Our Core Global Dataset

We’re excited to be partnering with CreditSafe to provide a core global offer of over 94 million company records across 11 core territories with 13 million companies matched to URL. This includes:

    • United States – 40.2 million companies
    • United Kingdom – 5.3 million companies
    • France – 13 million companies
    • Germany – 12 million companies
    • Italy – 8.4 million companies
    • Netherlands – 5.5 million companies
    • Belgium – 3.2 million companies
    • Norway – 2.6 million companies
    • Denmark – 1.1 million companies
    • Sweden – 1.1 million companies
    • Denmark – 1.1 million companies
    • Ireland – 700k companies
    • Luxembourg – 250k companies
    • Total of over 94 million companies worldwide

What’s included?

Track emerging economies

Access our 360+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs), from AI to Net Zero, across any English language website in our core territories.

Build custom classifications

Use our machine learning classification tool to build and publish your own custom sector classifications in any language.

Search in multiple languages

Go beyond English, and use our global database to search and classify companies in any language.

Coming soon

We’re only just getting started when it comes to global data. After our Alpha stage, we’ll be adding more features and datapoints to our global roadmap.

  • LLM based analysis of website text to explore extraction of other valuable datapoints such as products & services, stated customer and supplier lists.
  • The classification of Dun & Bradstreet data giving access to 500m+ companies worldwide.
  • Localisation and translation of our 360+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) allowing for classification outside of English speaking websites.
  • A URL only version that classifies ‘the whole internet’.

Join our Alpha programme 🌎

Secure your spot as an Alpha client and shape the future of our Global platform.

We are offering a limited number of spaces in our Global Alpha programme. These places are offered at a hugely discounted rate of £25,000 for a 6-month period. To register your interest please get in touch via the form below.