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Showcase the true size of your sector or local geography using real-time company, job, and growth data with your own public Directory from The Data City.

Build your own real-time Directory

The Data City Directory is a powerful tool designed to help local public sector organisations and national associations build accurate and up-to-date databases of sectors, companies, and clusters in their local areas or industry.

Our directories are built using real-time data, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of the UK’s emerging economy. Fully customisable and public-facing, you can now showcase the true potential of your local economy, raise awareness of the size of your sector nationally and unlock new exciting opportunities for your organisation.

What we offer

Local directories

Map the true size of the companies and emerging sectors that make up your local economy. Find clusters, publish key analysis and drive investment opportunities.

National databases

Build a real-time national database of the companies in your sector. Showcase supply chains, produce key insights, secure funding and drive membership.

Global mapping

*Coming soon* you’ll be able to take advantage of our global database and map sectors using our real-time data worldwide. Keen to find out more? Get in touch.

Product overview

What’s included

  • Searchable directory of businesses operating in the sector or region you represent
  • Map specific industries using RTICs and traditional SIC codes
  • Includes over 90+ datapoints per company including financial, funding, employee, sector, and other business data
  • Wide range of financial, geography and other filters to allow lists of specific businesses to be built and downloaded
  • Administration area for you to manage users and view usage statistics
  • Ability for each company to ‘claim’ their page and edit / add information
  • Includes 3rd party data a integrations from Companies House, CreditSafe, Dealroom, Lightcast, Innovate UK and more
  • A suite of sector summaries, statistics and dashboards, available to download and share

Access a dataset like no other

Access 350+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) including emerging sectors like FinTech, NetZero, AI, and more. Move beyond inaccurate SIC codes with a trusted dataset developed by data experts and UK governing bodies.

Showcase sectors & local areas

Create a custom directory with our experts to track emerging economies, supply chains, and clusters using pre-defined RTICs and classifications. Get a full view of your economy with a local directory that monitors emerging economies in specific cities, authorities, and constituencies.

Customise your platform

Have complete control of your Directory and customise your platform to seamlessly incorporate your brand visual identity. Utilise custom fonts & our own styleguide, upload your logo, customise your Directory text and content, and publish your platform on your own subdomain or website.

Case study

Building the Supply Chain Directory with HVMC

Find out more about the Supply Chain Directory and our work with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Made Smarter Innovation Digital Supply Chain Hub today.

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