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Realisation leads to liberation. Discover how The Data City transforms decision-making. Learn how clients use our platform and RTICs to gain insights and achieve remarkable results.

Local Authority, Regional Economy

How the Midlands Engine Observatory uses innovative data to fuel growth in the Midlands

Find out how Midlands Engine uses The Data City platform to help fuel growth and development across the Midlands.

Public Sector, Chartered Institute

Building the first UK sport & physical activity sector directory with CIMSPA

Find out how we we’re working with CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Activity) to help their teams better understand the UK sporting industry, opportunities for growth and jobs.

If you want a more dynamic and innovative view of your economy, you should definitely consider The Data City.
Professor Delma Dwight Director | Midlands Engine Observatory
University, Academic

How the University of Southampton mapped maritime supply chains with The Data City

Discover how the University of Southampton leverages The Data City platform to map supply chains and enhance maritime sector insights.

Academic, Policy Research

How the Bennett Institute unveiled regional strengths using RTICs

Discover how the Bennett Institute uses RTICs and geographical analysis to understand local economies in detail.

Research, Academic Insights

Drilling down into niche industries with the Innovation & Research Caucus

Discover how The Data City helped the Innovation & Research Caucus find specific companies within the Engineering Biology industry.

The Data City platform makes our research process much more efficient.
Karan Madan Research Analyst | Clifden Consulting
Economic Development, Consultancy

How Steer Economic Development uses The Data City to unlock economic insights

Find out how Steer-ED uses The Data City platform to enhance the team’s analytical capabilities and help drive impactful economic development strategies for their clients.

Deal Origination, Investment

How Clifden Consulting streamlined their research process with The Data City

Find out how deal origination and sourcing specialists Clifden Consulting used The Data City platform and ML list builder to fill a gap in their research process.

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