Global Data Explorer Release Notes

Coming soon

  • Localisation and translation of our 400+ Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs) allowing for classification outside of English speaking websites
  • Historical classifications, tracking how companies change over time and when they embraced emerging technologies

v0.0.99 (released February 2024)

New features

  • Added Jobs & skills data. This is for UK companies only currently.


  • Some layout fixes to home and EXPLORE lists pages.

v0.0.98 (released February 2024)

New features

  • Downloads (CSV, XLSX, JSON), with selected fields
  • Explore list management


  • Various bug fixes
  • Data cleanup

v0.0.94 (released January 2024)

  • Incorporation year filtering

January 2024

New features

  • Individual company page, featuring financial information (where available)
  • Keyword search filtering
  • Turnover filtering

New data or data upgrade

  • Financial data per company, up to 7 years
  • Normalised latest turnover figure to USD for use in comparison and filtering
  • Updated incorporation year data

December 2023

New features

  • UK RTIC classifications applied to global data
  • RTIC Filtering
  • Company number filtering
  • Basic search (company name, company number, VAT number, registered number, URL)
  • Analyse charts including:
    • Companies per country
    • Turnover per country
    • Companies per RTIC
    • Turnover by RTIC
    • etc.
  • UI overhaul

Performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Database layer overhauled to provide a faster overall experience, in most cases this takes pages queries down from minutes to seconds (or lower).

November 2023

  • Initial data (name, address, legal form, website) and filtering (country, legal form)

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