Case Study

How Clifden Consulting streamlined their research process with The Data City

Find out how deal origination and sourcing specialists Clifden Consulting used The Data City platform and ML list builder to fill a gap in their research process.


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Key Results

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Clifden Consulting is an expert when it comes to supporting their clients’ acquisition and investment targets.  The company was established in 2017, and comprises a team of research and outreach professionals who average more than a decade of experience in deal origination per team member. Looking to bolster their already successful process, the Clifden Consulting team were interested in how they could add to their thorough research process and drive more efficiency.

The Data City platform makes our research process much more efficient.
Karan Madan, Research Analyst | Clifden Consulting


Adding The Data City’s platform of over 5.4 million companies and 400+ emerging sector classification to their tech stack, Clifton Consulting have been able to support and refine their already established deal origination approach.

With access to our RTICs and Machine Learning (ML) list builder, they can better research niche, emerging sectors and uncover target companies at speed.

This approach has enabled the team to build in more efficiency to their discovery phase, sourcing more opportunities and allowing more time for bespoke research and due diligence.

The outcome

Since the introduction of The Data City platform to their deal origination process, the team at Clifden Consulting have seen a notable increase in the efficiency of their research work.

The ML list builder allows them to support a wide range of client briefs, building and delivering relevant company lists that add to their expert, front-end research process.