Introducing Our Latest Feature for Machine Learning List Tracking

This month, we’re pleased to introduce a valuable new feature that tracks changes in Machine Learning lists on our platform. This update empowers our users to stay informed about alterations in their machine learning lists and make more informed decisions regarding the companies included in their training sets. It’s a testament to the efficient problem-solving efforts of the team. 

Why this new feature? 

On the Data City platform, RTICs are a culmination of individual machine learning lists. These lists are regularly curated by our analysts to ensure they remain aligned to our vision of industrial classification. It is important to maintain synchronisation between RTIC updates and platform enhancements, especially those related to URL improvements. This is due to the fact that alterations made to URLs through platform updates can have a profound impact on the training sets of companies, consequently leading to substantial modifications in the entire list. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully watch for any URL changes and make quick adjustments as needed. This ensures that our RTICs stay up to date, in line with how the platform is changing over time.  

The new feature will serve as an alert system, quickly flagging any companies that have had alterations to their URLs. The alert not only highlights the current URL but also provides the previous one that was used when the list was last updated. 

In summary, our tracking system is a big step forward in ensuring the accuracy and relevance of our RTICs. But we don’t want to stop here—we’ll be continually working on evolving our tracking features. If you have any inquiries or want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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