Webinar series: Measuring the emerging economy

We’ve recently released v2 of Data Explorer, our AI platform. Packed with new features and data points, it is already helping policy makers, researchers and investors to explore the UK’s emerging economy.

Our team is hosting three new webinars to run through the latest features. You can reserve your seat using the links below.

Hosted on Zoom, each webinar will last 30 minutes. Attendees will have a chance to ask The Data City’s analysts questions during the session.

1. Measuring a region’s emerging economy

Thursday 3rd June 2021, 4pm. Free.

In this presentation we’ll outline how a growing community of regional analysts use our Data Explorer platform to analyse the industrial base of their area.

We’ll show how

  • Our AI analyses 1.1m company websites, categorises sectors and filters their data by region
  • We’ve mapped some of the UK’s most strategically important sectors, including AI, renewables and cybersecurity
  • We differentiate between company’s registered and trading addresses to create accurate data on a region’s industries, growth and employment base
  • Our latest suite of tools helps you understand and analyse regional industrial bases and differentiating specialisms
  • The data can enable benchmarking and comparison between regional authorities, cities and other areas

2. Defining new sectors and finding companies

Thursday 10th June 2021, 4pm. Free

In this 30 minute session, we’ll show how we combine machine learning with human experts-in-the-loop to create industrial classifications fit for the future.

We’ll show

  • How we define new sectors with experts
  • How we use machine learning algorithms to analyse the text of 1.1m company websites to create new industry definitions
  • What our data looks like
  • How we’ve worked with a range of research partners, investors and Catapults to create databases of companies in the UK’s most dynamic sectors

3. Exploring the UK’s most dynamic sectors

Thursday 17th June 2021, 4pm. Free.

In this 30 minute demo we’ll take a tour of our Data Explorer platform.

We’ll show how

  • We make this data available for exploration
  • Sector analysts are finding undiscovered segments and clusters with our data
  • We develop and update databases of companies in strategically vital sectors
  • Industry classifications and categories can be tailored, defined and explored to meet a variety of research briefs

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