Introducing the UK Supply Chain Directory

Introducing the UK Supply Chain Directory, a national database of UK manufacturing capabilities, now available for public use.

Launched by the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC) as part of the Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub, the UK Supply Chain Directory is the first of its kind. Free to sign-up and access, this detailed database of the UK’s manufacturing industry and supply chain houses profiles and data for roughly 300,000 businesses.

A real-time directory for UK manufacturing

At The Data City, we’ve worked closely with HVMC as part of this project (with employees from Warwick and Strathclyde University), harnessing the power of our machine learning platform to provide real-time information on the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Rather than solely relying on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes to identify companies, which are often outdated and inaccurate, the directory has been built using a mixture of SIC codes and our Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs). By analysing text from millions of company websites and pages, our machine learning algorithm enables us to build bespoke classifications, also known as RTICs.

Our bespoke manufacturing RTIC and data forms the backbone of the UK Supply Chain Directory, allowing business owners, trade associations, policymakers and government to drive more value, from sourcing new suppliers and customers to identifying insights and influencing strategy.

In-depth data and insights

As well as featuring a full directory of UK manufacturing companies, the directory also houses a host of in-depth financial, growth, sector, company and location data. The data comes from several sources, including Companies House, CreditSafe and Dealroom. This means users can granularly view data such as turnover and contact details on a company level or visualise the sector as a whole using key graphs and statistics.

We’ve also spent a significant amount of time building a bespoke and scalable solution to estimate each company’s manufacturing capabilities. These are fully filterable and allow the user to quickly find companies which match a certain manufacturing capability, such as automation, machining, design and more. These capabilities offer a granularity unheard of before.

But the directory doesn’t just act as a snapshot of the Manufacturing industry. The UK Supply Chain Directory has been built to last, with regular updates to the dataset and the ability for users to make changes and claim company profiles.

Sign up today

Interested in building resilience in your UK supply chain and understanding UK manufacturing trends? You can now access the UK Supply Chain Directory for free. Simply visit the website and sign up today.

Want to find out more about our directory product and how you can build your own sector database, please get in touch.

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