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What are Omics?

Omics is a term used to describe a number of biological sciences that end with -omics. This includes areas of study such as Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics, all of which come from the study of certain objects such as a genome or transcriptome.

Each branch or field of study share a similar aim to discover, define or quantify the biomolecules and molecular processes that impact the form and function of cells and tissues. Genomics for example is the study of all of a person’s genes and how they interact, whilst Transcriptomics looks specifically into gene expression patterns and the study of RNA molecules within a cell.

Omics sector summary

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Here are the key facts about the Omics sector. The sector has a turnover of £11.6bn currently, has received £3.8bn of investment and the sector is growing at 10.7% per year.


Omics verticals

Our industry data goes deep. See the top verticals and specialisms making waves in the UK Omics industry today.

Our Omics RTIC is made up of 6 individual verticals. The top verticals in this sector include Genomics, and Transcriptomics. You can find out more about the verticals by downloading our RTIC report, or by signing up for a free trial of The Data City platform.

  • Sector Code Description Records
  • RTIC0026 Omics 592 companies

    Companies aiming at the collective characterisation and quantification of biological molecules that translate into the structure, function, and dynamics of an organism.

    • Omics: Epigenomics

      Companies providing services and/or products to study chemical tags in the genome

      57 companies
    • Omics: Genomics

      Companies providing services and/or products to investigate the genome

      305 companies
    • Omics: Lipidomics

      Companies focusing on the study of cellular lipids and associated products and/or services

      26 companies
    • Omics: Metabolomics

      Companies dedicated to the study of metabolites and to the provision of related products and/or services

      89 companies
    • Omics: Proteomics

      Companies focusing on researching the proteome (set of proteins produced by an organism or cell).

      101 companies
    • Omics: Transcriptomics

      Companies dedicated to the study of the transcriptome (RNA transcripts produced by the genome) and the provision of associated products/services

      227 companies

Omics industry growth

Based on a growth rate of 10.7%, we expect that this sector could be worth £13.3bn by 2024. Below you can see our forecast of the growth of the sector.

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