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UK Immersive Technologies Industry

From Virtual Reality to the Metaverse, uncover the UK’s emerging Immersive Technologies industry and the tech companies that make up the sector through real-time industrial data.

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What are Immersive Technologies?

Immersive Technologies is a broad term used to describe any technology that extends or alters our current reality typically within the 360-degree space.

Examples of Immersive Technologies include Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 360 and Mixed Reality (MR). Extended Reality (XR) is the terms often used to describe this full suite of Immersive Tech.

As the industry has grown, so has the application of Immersive Tech in the UK, with XR now extending far beyond the likes of VR gaming, with uses across architecture, the EdTech industry, healthcare, retail, the Metaverse and more.

Immersive Technologies sector summary

Discover real-time data and insights sourced directly from The Data City platform, driven by our innovative Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTICs). Our RTICs harness the power of web data and machine learning, and are published with industry experts for precision and relevance.

Here are the key facts about the Immersive Technologies sector. The sector has a turnover of £3.5bn currently, has received £1.8bn of investment and the sector is growing at 13.9% per year.


Immersive Technologies verticals

Our industry data goes deep. See the top verticals and specialisms making waves in the UK Immersive Technologies industry today.

Our Immersive Technologies RTIC is made up of 15 individual verticals. The top verticals in this sector include Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. You can find out more about the verticals by downloading our RTIC report, or by signing up for a free trial of The Data City platform.

  • Sector Code Description Records
  • RTIC0018 Immersive Technologies 2134 companies

    Companies and start-ups focused on the development, manufacturing, and delivery of Immersive Technologies, including Augmented Reality, Haptics, Hardware, the Metaverse and more.

    • Immersive Technologies: 360°

      Companies that transform live filmed content into an immersive 360-degree experience.

      430 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Architecture & Construction

      Companies adapting immersive technologies for architectural design, property sale and construction activities.

      172 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Augmented Reality

      Companies developing technology to enhance the real world by overlaying computer generated content.

      481 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Edtech

      Companies applying immersive technologies in education.

      359 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Emerging Markets

      Companies applying immersive technologies to a variety of non-traditional markets, like data analytics, 5G or the creation of digital humans.

      78 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Gaming

      Companies developing immersive experiences and games utilising immersive technologies.

      449 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Haptics

      Companies developing technologies that can create touch-based experiences to be used along other immersive technologies.

      44 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Hardware

      Companies manufacturing the hardware that embeds immersive technology software.

      334 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Healthcare

      Companies applying immersive technologies for the development of medical practice.

      110 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Manufacturing & Engineering

      Companies developing immersive tools to aid in engineering and manufacturing processes.

      139 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Media

      Companies developing media for Immersive Technologies, including animation, character development, sound effects and soundtracks.

      373 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Metaverse

      Companies building the digital infrastructure and tools for the development of the metaverse as a digital space.

      217 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Mixed Reality

      Companies developing technology in a similar way to Augmented Reality, with a concentration on interaction between real world and computer-generated objects.

      187 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Retail & Fashion

      Companies applying immersive technologies in large retail complexes, E-commerce and fashion design and advertising.

      206 companies
    • Immersive Technologies: Virtual Reality

      Companies providing technologies that allow for users’ complete immersion in an alternative environment.

      1279 companies

Immersive Technologies industry growth

Based on a growth rate of 13.9%, we expect that this sector could be worth £4.2bn by 2024. Below you can see our forecast of the growth of the sector.

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