UK Local Authority Net Zero Scorecards

Eight Net Zero themed metrics on 374 UK local authorities


The transition to Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions will be the growth story of the decade, with structural shifts both in the economy and society. The UK was the first major economy to enshrine in law a target to achieve this by 2050, setting in motion a call to action to both businesses and policymakers.

Although the transition to Net Zero will redistribute activity across regions, disparities exist at the local authority level. In fact, inequalities between local authorities within regions are larger than the inequalities between regions.

Free Net Zero scorecard

To explore this further, CBI Economics and The Data City have developed a Net Zero scorecard which is now available to download for free.

The scorecard highlights the successes, challenges and opportunities presented to 374 local authorities across 12 regions in the UK, consisting of eight metrics that cover the energy, economy, and emissions.

Buy the full report

This free Net Zero scorecard was produced as part of a wider, in-depth report published by The Data City and CBI Economics called ‘Analysis of the UK Net Zero’ which is now available to purchase via our reports platform. The report maps the impacts and activities of key sectors within the whole UK Net Zero economy and includes:

  • Huge national and export opportunity
  • 16 Net Zero sectors mapped
  • £1.1bn investment raised
  • Local authority scorecard
  • View on the ‘Just transition’
  • Jobs outlook
  • Private consultation