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The emerging economy in detail

Our reports combine aggregated open data and predictive key-word classification for insight and analysis.

Each sector data report compliments a data download that provide real-time perspectives on niche and emerging sectors.

April 2020

UK Cyber Sector Report 2020

This report brings life to the UK Cyber Sector, compiling insight on 4031 organisations who self-declare diversified and non-diversified products or services within the industry.

May 2020

UK Emerging Tech Report 2020

Using the latest machine learning methods to identify specific growth sectors within organisations, whitepapers, patents and tech events we built a balanced picture of the UK’s Tech ecosystem. We interrogated data from all UK regions outside London to find clusters engaged in new and emerging technologies.

February 2020

UK Top Tech Cities 2020

Sponsored by MIDAS and GMCA, this report highlights which UK cities are best placed to locate your Digital HQ.

Summer 2019

UK Digital Tech Census

This analysis addresses the limitations of traditional SIC Code classifications by showing digital technology industries are over 25% larger than previously thought.