The UK’s Top Ten locations for Digital Tech teams

The Data City has built an AI engine to rank the UK’s major cities based on the number of organisations and events across a range of sectors, as well as each location’s affordability (rateable value). The sectors included are: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data; Gaming; Advanced Digital; eCommerce; Cyber; FinTech; Internet of Things (IoT); and MedTech. These are the UK’s Top 10 Digital Tech Cities.


About the Rankings

This infographic and our new UK Digital Tech Cities Report builds upon the findings of our 2019 Digital Technology Census and where we used information from the websites of the UK’s businesses and machine learning to understand how active 29 UK cities are across 8 digital technology sectors.

The census is a study of over 800,000 organisations and over 400,000 events based upon work we have been completing with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and MIDAS – Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency, over 2018 and 2019.

We have then used the VOA ratings list download data and specifically the ‘2017 non domestic rating summary valuations’ which is an open dataset published via Gov.uk to calculate the average rateable value of office space in each city. For every postcode in the UK where non domestic rating summary valuations (2017) are available, The Data City has assigned the standardised city in which the postcode falls. A median value is calculated per standardised city to propose a ranking of non-domestic rates.

Your Digital HQ in Manchester

In the production of both the 2019 Census and the UK’s Top Digital Tech Cities | 2020 report we have worked closely with the inward investment teams at Manchester who would be delighted to hear from organisations interested in locating teams in the city. They provide an extensive support package to organisations considering the city and you can find out more or request information by visiting Invest in Manchester.


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