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The Data City’s plans for 2022

Happy New Year! 2022 looks to be a an incredibly exciting year for The Data City and I wanted to send a personal note out to our amazing community of customers and supporters with a taste of what lies ahead.

2021 saw us end the year with a record quarter (and year) for revenue, a record number of fantastic new clients and a record number of enquiries giving us a great trajectory into the new year. To top that off we closed our seed investment round with Venturian Funding & Investment Group. This capital injection means we can rapidly evolve our product, build our team and grow our business.

So what’s ahead of us for 2022?

We’re creating the new global standard in industrial data.

After listening carefully to our customers, and with our investment secured, we’re ready to take the next leap into towards our vision of providing you with “real-time understanding of the worlds industries.” Here’s what’s coming up:


  • Complete company financials for all companies. A great frustration for many customers is that UK companies under £10m turnover don’t publish detailed accounts at companies house. This makes sector value estimation difficult. We’re solving this problem by launching an imputed datapoint for all companies for turnover, EBITDA and employee numbers.
  • Ability to compare geographies. Particularly for our public sector clients, mapping their economy often begs the question of how it compares to other regions. Is it good? Bad? How unique is their business base make-up? We’re launching a new ‘places’ user interface to help you answer these questions and much more.
  • Investment & deal data. We’re in negotiations with data providers and will be looking to launch this into our platform as soon as possible.
  • International expansion. We’re also adding new territories into our platform starting with Ireland and the Netherlands and then we’re looking to the US and APAC, more to follow.
  • Sector & Market Reports. Under wraps for now but we’re exploring a number of content partnerships enabling the summary statistics of our RTIC sectors to be bought in a report format or report bundle subscription.
  • Jobs & Skills data. Again, under wraps for now but we’re looking to partner with third party data providers to add jobs and skills data to our RTIC’s and other sector datasets.


  • We’re growing rapidly, adding people in our customer success, marketing, data science and analyst teams. We expect to be recruiting constantly from this point forward so if you’re interested in working with us, please do look at our team pages and get in touch.

Investment – Series A and beyond

  • Our seed investment round enables us to take huge strides forward, and we’re already looking to what comes next. We’re planning a significant investment in our global data platform and expansion into overseas markets. We haven’t formally opened our Series A round yet but we’re already having early conversations with investors. If you think you might be interested please do get in touch (but don’t ask for a deck, there isn’t one yet 😉

Just launched

  • We’ll send out a separate note on the latest platform features to be released. In the meantime our customers will already be able to see the Alpha versions of our ‘3 star rating’ per company innovation score enabling any lit to be filtered by most/least innovative companies. A similar companies feature has also just been launched that links the most similar companies in our database from each company. We’re also working hard on a company level carbon intensity and emissions data point. More to follow over the next few weeks!

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