The Data City’s Contribution to the Ukraine Appeal

Here at The Data City, we want to be a force for good in as many ways as possible.

This includes a transparent approach to data, our philosophy of “working out loud” (sharing our progress as it happens), crowdsourcing feedback, making friends and being helpful and finally, simply providing the best service we can. 

We take these philosophies through every area of our business.  

Our Team

Firstly, the way we work with our teamwe have flexible working hours and holidays for everyone in the business, including various bonuses and benefits chosen by our team, and are an accredited living wage employer. We also try and support all of our team members whenever possible, widening their skillsets with personal development in mind, rather than company development. This means they will flourish not only with The Data City, but in future positions too. 

Our Clients

Secondly, the way we work with our clients: an honest approach to projectsif we can’t help you, we’ll recommend a company who can; we have a rapid improvement processif you want a feature in the product, we will try our best to add, test and get it into beta within weeks; we build strong relationships with all of our clients that should last in the long term. 

How we engage with the world

And last but not least, the way we engage in the world. The Data City has always been very environmentally aware, and as such has been advocating for net-zero and green economy causes. 

Considering our inclination towards helping people and the planet, naturally we wanted to support the Ukraine Appeal. The company Founders have taken a pay reduction for March and have used this money to make a donation to  

We encourage anybody to help in way that they can. 

If anyone has any ideas for how our data can be of use in this situationdo get in touch and we can discuss! 

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