The Data City to launch ‘Covid-19 global economic recovery tracker’

Leeds based Tech start-up The Data City has joined Roll Royce led Emer2gent Alliance ( including Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, IBM, Truata, and ODI Leeds to provide open data on the impact and recovery of the worlds businesses through the Covid-19 crisis period.

The Data City collects and processes huge amounts of open data on our economy and is analysing the Covid-19 impact statements of the UKs business base to provide vital data to our government and other interested parties on how to measure and direct assistance to UK businesses throughout this crisis. Starting in the UK we will then be working to replicate this data for all of the worlds’ major economies recognising that we really are all in this together.

Alex Craven Co-founder of The Data City said “This is a huge undertaking for our team as we start by analysing over 800,000 UK business websites to understand what they are saying about the impact of the crisis on their organisation. We will be using our Machine Learning platform to enable granular analysis of how different sectors are affected, which sectors are recovering quickly and which are most in need of help. We’ll be publishing this as open data to the Emer2gent Alliance as a weekly update to enable economic policy decision makers to see how things are changing over time.”

More information about the Emer2gent Alliance can be found on its website: and on the Rolls Royce website:

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