Navigating the Green Economy: Insights & Data for Local Authorities

The UK’s target to hit net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 has ushered in a new green revolution, which will see the green economy grow by 8% per year over the next ten years, which could double that of the digital sector’s growth between 2009-2019.

Our investment in net zero is a vital course of action for the future livelihoods of people and communities across the UK, but for many organisations and institutions there’s difficulty in unlocking this economic potential.

We’re partnering with WPI Economics and Lightcast

That’s why we’re proud to announce we’re partnering with WPI Economics and Lightcast to offer the data, insight and resources public sector organisations such as local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and regional bodies need to support green jobs and inclusive growth.

Our partnership will provide organisations with the tools to properly understand, map and navigate the green economy locally, both now and in the future. Harnessing a mixture of tried and tested methodologies, robust economic principles, policy understanding and access to our real-time data and machine learning platform, our joint green jobs package will enable public sector bodies to grasp these new green opportunities.

Unlocking green economy opportunities

We’ve worked closely with both the policy consulting experts at WPI Economics and Lightcast, a world-leader in job skills data, to help our clients identify local green opportunities. Our joint services will help identify:

  • Companies currently active in the green economy in your local area
  • Green economy growth and trajectory in your area
  • Which sectors of the economy will see substantial changes due to decarbonisation
  • What this means for skills and employment policy:
    • Green policy areas likely to have the best future opportunities for residents
    • Green policy areas that could be help back by skills shortages

What you’ll receive

So, what does all this mean? If you work within a local authority, LEP or regional body and are interested in harnessing the opportunities presented by the green economy, what exactly will you get? Our new collaboration will allow you to:

  • Get access to a clear policy-orientated definition of the green economy and a list of companies operating in your region for 12 months
  • Explore the number of green jobs in your area and discover the top 10 areas of the economy with the highest greenhouse gas emissions
  • Learn about the impact of decarbonising the economy on net jobs in your area
  • Get in-depth analysis of the top green occupations and skills in your region through targeted interviews with local stakeholders
  • Finally, participate in a 90-minute workshop with your employees to identify employment and skills implications, and potential policy recommendations for a greener economy

Interested in how we can help you unlock economic potential through data and insights? Then we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about our joint offering in more depth on the WPI Economics website today and get in touch for more details. Otherwise our door is always open, feel free to contact us directly if you want to talk more about net zero and the green economy.  

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