Introducing Dealroom & The Data City for Local Government

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership that is set to reshape the landscape of local economic analysis.

The Data City and Dealroom have joined forces to unlock a new era of data-driven insights, empowering local governments like never before. This collaboration combines the strengths of two industry-leading data platforms to provide an unrivalled solution for understanding and supporting your local economy.

Local government offer

With this partnership, local governments, such as Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and councils, can gain access to a wealth of world-class data, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive economic growth. The Data City’s real-time platform, tracking over 5.2 million companies and covering 350+ emerging economy classifications, works seamlessly alongside Dealroom’s extensive investment and VC database. This integration opens a treasure trove of invaluable information, including detailed company financials, investment data, emerging sector trends and much more.

Gone are the days of relying on outdated methods of economic analysis. The Data City and Dealroom offer a fresh perspective that goes beyond surface-level insights. From identifying sector strengths to discovering innovative companies, startups and untapped opportunities, our joint offering empowers local governments to truly understand the size, strength, and potential of their regions. And at the fraction of the cost.

What’s included

With our joint license, priced at just £10,000 per year (or £2,500 per quarter) for local governments, you gain access to the full power of both The Data City and Dealroom platforms. This includes:

Full Dealroom license:

  • Access detailed company investment data and tech ecosystems.
  • Uncover valuable insights into company financials, investment information, and emerging trends.

Full Data City license:

  • Access the real-time platform with over 5.2 million companies and 350+ emerging economy classifications.
  • Discover sector strengths, innovative companies, startups, and new opportunities to support growth.

API Linked:

  • Seamlessly combine Dealroom’s data with The Data City platform.
  • Enhance your analytical capabilities and extract deeper insights effortlessly.

3 User Accounts:

  • Collaborate effectively with your team by empowering multiple users.
  • Leverage the platform’s capabilities collectively to make data-driven decisions.
  • Additional packages are also available for larger teams.

Apply today

Ready to take your local economic analysis to new heights? You can find out more about our local government offer and apply for a joint license today.

If you’re already a Data City customer and are interested in the offer, please get in touch to discuss upgrading.

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