Helping Local Government build better industry reports

We are looking to work with a number of Local Govt organisations through a ‘6 month market research programme’ to find out how local government would like to use our product and identify where our commercial opportunities lie.

We are offering this as a market research exercise for up to 20 LA’s, CA’s & LEPs who will be provided with full access to our platform plus training and support in its use. So if you are reading this and know anyone you think might be interested please do pass the message along.

Our platform has been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional industrial classifications such as SIC codes and enable economic analysis of any industrial sector at a national or local level. We are currently working in consultation with the BEIS Future Economy team and the KTN on the definition and creation of over 30 new industrial classifications for emerging technology sectors such as AI, Advanced Manufacturing and Cyber.

Successful applicants will be provided with a single user account that provides access to our full platform feature set and database of over 3.2m companies, access and training in the use of our Machine Learning interface that enables non technical users to create their own industrial sector lists and insights, as well as access to our pre-defined industrial classifications for the emerging economy.

On the 23rd September we are running an event as part of Leeds Digital Festival where interested parties can view a webinar demonstration and case studies to help them get familiar and decide whether they think the platform would be useful to them.

The event is here:

All we ask in return is:

  • To use the platform for a minimum of three ‘projects’ and to share the details of those projects with The Data City (The Data City is flexible on the definition of a project at this stage).
  • To share your experiences of your use with us
  • To commit to a maximum of 1 user video call conference per month to discuss your feedback with us
  • To consider how you would see The Data City developing sustainable revenue streams from your continued use beyond the 6-month trial
  • That The Data City may disclose that the you are taking part in the trial on The Data City website and other marketing and PR communications

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