Data Explorer v3

Version three of The Data City is the biggest ever update of our product, but we hope that you mostly won’t notice. The user interface is unchanged since most improvements have come out over the past year. For most users there will be no noticeable changes except improvements in data quality.

You should notice large improvements in speed and reliability if you’ve been using v2.6 a lot in recent weeks.

Where previous updates have focused on increasing the number of companies covered by our platform, this update focuses on detail and quality. Many more business locations are available, which has forced us to implement a new method for splitting employees and turnover across multiple operating locations of each business. For the first time with an update there is no increase in the number of companies with a matched URL. It’s still 1.6 million. But our error rate in these matches has reduced by a factor of seven.

We’ve also re-scraped the websites of every company in our database to new higher qualities.

There are dozens of smaller improvements too, which you’ll find in our detailed release notes.

You will see that your lists automatically rebuild. The updated lists will usually be slightly larger because there are more companies with matched websites and better website data for all companies. If they are a lot larger you should add one or two additional excluded companies to the training set.

We’ll be adding more information and detail over the next week or so.

We’ll also be updating our release notes.

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