B2B marketing lists for businesses that need to target niche sector verticals

Most B2B list providers are shackled by the outdated SIC code system and are left unable to find the sectors they need to target. Our software lets you build any niche sector list in under 1 minute and includes over 300 pre built new economy sectors.

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No SIC Code? No Problem!

Our proprietary Machine Learning uses NLP to analyse the website text of company websites and classify their business activity. This lets you instantly create real-time market classifications that exactly match your criteria and find all of the companies in that sector in minutes. You can also access over 300 pre-built ‘new economy’ sectors in our Real-Time Industrial Classifications (RTIC’s). 

  • Contact email and phone numbers 
  • Automated company website identification 
  • Smart web crawling 
  • Machine learning driven classifications 
  • Company Innovation score 
  • Over 300 prebuilt digital and tech sector lists from AgriTech to the Space Sector 

‘It’s like merging Google with a business database’

Our platform uses machine learning and learns what type of company you are looking for, searching all 5 million active UK companies to find you all the other companies that do the same thing, building your target list in minutes.  

Game changing! It often took ages searching on Google to find companies, then longer to combine with financials in spreadsheets. The Data City does this and more in one platform, in minutes..
Matt Nicholson – Acquisitions Director | Tenzing

Step 1 – Map the Market

Select a few examples of the type of company you are looking for.

Step 2 – Zero in

Use our powerful filters to zone in on your perfect targets. Use over 100 datapoints per company.

Step 3 – Outreach

Export your list to your CRM or Hunter.io to enrich with contact data and manage outreach