What the Analysis Summary Box is

These are the summary statistics for the companies which have at least one location in the filtered area.


What the Analysis Summary Box is not

These numbers are not an estimate of the turnover/employees within the filtered area.


What’s the difference?

Companies have many locations. We’ve previously written about this here. Open Innovations have also written about registered addresses and the challenge they pose.

The specific challenge we face here is if a company has multiple locations, how do we know how many employees, or how much turnover, can be attributed to each .

The answer here is we don’t. Companies are not required to declare this on Companies House.

As a result, we don’t know exactly how many employees work in a particular local authority.

We can estimate this though.


How we estimate per location employees and turnover

Within analyse, we split employees equally across the locations a business has.

Although this isn’t a perfect methodology, this leads to improved location analysis (we are looking into more accurate method’s for managing this data).


How to access estimates of the number of employees or the amount of turnover in a local authority

Let’s say you’re looking at one of our RTICs (e.g. AdTech) and you want an estimate of the number of employees in Leeds.

This shows you that there are 774 companies in total in AdTech. I haven’t filtered by location, so this is across the UK.

To find an estimate of the number of employees in Leeds, scroll down to employees by local authority and find Leeds. Of the 44,156 total employees in this sector, we estimate 450 of them are based in Leeds.