The complete growth toolkit for local authorities

Support for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) is ending and local authorities have been shouldered with the responsibility of providing business boards, planning economic strategies, and applying for funding.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Lightcast to provide the complete growth toolkit which helps local authorities to achieve these new responsibilities.

The end of support for LEPs

For a bit more context, the government is changing their approach to supporting local economic development. This means a cutting of support for LEPs, instead putting that responsibility on local authorities.

The main reason for the ending of support for LEPs is an overlap of functions between LEPs, local authorities, and combined authorities.

Local authorities will now be tasked with:

  • Ensure effective representation and governance by creating or restructuring business boards
  • Collaborate with partners (e.g.: other local authorities, district and borough councils, and businesses)
  • Create economic strategies that align with government expectations
  • Applying for funding while making sure of proper usage and accountability
  • Handle delivery plans and integration of core functions previously provided by LEPs

Read the full government guidance for local authorities.

How can we help?

In order to help support local authorities, The Data City and Lightcast have partnered to provide the complete growth toolkit.

This toolkit will allow you to:

  • Analyse local investment opportunities and support growth
  • Gain a comprehensive jobs and skills overview in your area
  • Shine a spotlight on inclusivity within your region

We’ll help you to navigate the upcoming challenges with ease by driving meaningful growth and investment with your economic strategies. Get the tools you need to tackle strategic regional economic planning the right way.

If you’re interested in learning more about this offer, make sure to sign up for the webinar. This free event will happen on February 28th at 10am.

You’ll hear from both Will Cookson, Lightcast’s Account Director of Communities and Government, as well as Alex Craven, CEO and co-founder of The Data City.

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