Finding Unique Companies in Minutes with The Data City

The Data City platform allows users to explore emerging sectors using our Real-time Industrial Classifications (RTICs). These RTICs are based on website text data and are our replacement for outdated SIC codes.

Since RTICs are based on website text data, you can use keyword filtering to narrow down lists. This is very helpful for finding companies with specific focuses. Some use-cases include lead generation, deal origination or discovering new, niche markets.


Picking out just the unique companies from a list of thousands is incredibly challenging so I’ll be making the most of many of the platform filters to make this easier. I want to find a company which:

  1. Is high growth
  2. Is women founded
  3. Is green-focused
  4. Operates in the co-working workspace sector.

According to our machine learning tool, there are 4,500 companies in the co-working industry.

To get to this number, I made two lists. One focused on companies that rent out co-working space to businesses and one on companies that design co-working office spaces. I then downloaded and combined them and made a few manual revisions. Now I want to explore the combined list of companies.

With the country’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by the year 2050 in mind, I’ll use Data Explorer to filter the list and explore the companies with net-zero-aligned objectives.

Using filters to find companies

I’ve already got my list of co-working companies. All I need now is a list of keywords related to net-zero.

These are the keywords I have chosen:

  • “Net zero”
  • “Green office”
  • “Renewable energy”
  • “Low carbon”
  • “Circular economy”
  • “Energy efficient”
  • “Low carbon”
  • “Zero waste”
  • “Recycling program”
  • “Sustainable”

Simply paste the company names or numbers into the explorer:

Then add the keywords to the contain box and set it to “any of these keywords”.

Once you hit the update button, the filter will scan the web text of all 4,500 co-working companies and identify the ones aligned with net-zero objectives.

This has dropped the list from 4,500 to 2,500, showing only companies with Net-Zero-aligned website text.

Using keyword filters isn’t the perfect way to find Net Zero aligned companies (that would be using our Machine Learning tool) but it’s a great way to narrow my search within seconds.

Our explore function can further filter among these 2,500 companies to identify those women founded and those classified as high-growth companies.

To do this, go to the companies filter on the Explore page. Check the box for “Women founded” under founder gender.

Then, go to the Growth filter and set the growing rate to “fast growing”.

After updating, the list will narrow down to 19 companies that meet these criteria.

One of the interesting companies I found was Huckletree.

Huckletree is a dynamic co-working space company with locations across the United Kingdom, dedicated to providing sustainable environments for its users.

We always speak about how powerful our machine-learning tool is. And it is great. But it’s important to remember just how powerful using simple Explore filters can be too, especially when finding targeted insights within specific sectors as quickly as possible.

Build your own industry lists and find unique companies with a free trial of our platform.

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