UK Cyber Report 2020

Going beyond SIC Codes to quantify the UK Digital / Technology Industries


Identifying active businesses that provide products or services to enable the protection of internet connected systems and their users is described as an experimental process. Traditional sector definitions are unsuitable, as they limit the ability to integrate the diverse taxonomies, products and services that Digital industries such as Cyber Security contribute to the modern economy.

Using predictive, machine-learning technology; The Data City has aggregated key-word classifiers and a multi-point verification process to generate an active, real-time analysis of the UK’s Cyber Security sector. This data, pooled from just under 1m active UK businesses, offers a uniquely precise perspective on the number of organisations, their size, their regional spread and economic trends.

This report will provide any professional looking to gain an advantage in the Cyber Security space an invaluable overview of the key metrics required for increased sector knowledge, regional and national comparisons, and stakeholder engagement. Also available, as part of our RITC code package, is a subscription to the entire data list that this report was built on, as well as the ability to create enterprise categorisations using our Data Explorer platform.