Data Platform Engineer

Data Platform Engineer

Come work with us…

We have built a SaaS platform that uses machine learning to enable the Government and private sector to understand what the UK’s 5million active companies do, disrupting how decisions are made about economic policy and investments in our cities and towns.  

Our next stage of growth sees the development of a global product extending the database to cover over 200million companies- we want to scale our team with the best data-ops people in business to deliver a world class platform. You will join a bleeding-edge innovative data business that is changing the world of economics and cities, using data science and artificial intelligence. 

We are based in Leeds and operate across the UK, working with a wide range of national and local government organisations and private companies. 

About You: 

You are capable and curious, with experience of deploying software to the web and optimising it for speed and reliability. You will be developing the new global product -working on rapid iteration, constantly thinking about the future opportunities and phases of development. 

You will be able to work well with our multi-specialist team of Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Web-Developers, Data Scientists, Software Developers and Marketeers. 

What you will do: 

You will work closely with our CTO and team to understand our current product and offering, what we are delivering in our projects to clients, and in our core SaaS offering, this is the way that we all understand what features our clients need from our product now and in the future. 

You will take this understanding to develop our global product, with a commitment to efficient code and trustworthy algorithms we know that your experience and ideas will improve the vision and make it a reality, all the while making suggestions for improvements and taking responsibility for filling in the details with technologies both new and familiar. 

Your Qualifications & Experience: 

You will probably have most of, 

  • At least three years of experience in a DataOps/ Data Platform Engineer role 
  • A GitHub (or similar) account and some history of publishing as well as using open source and shared code 
  • A StackOverflow (or similar) account and some history of answering questions as well as using answers from others in your work 
  • Some record of working in the open, sharing code and ideas, attending events relevant to your profession 
  • Experience developing ML  
  • Some experience with .NET, C#, and ASP.NET  
  • Experience with SQLite or another relational database in production would be an advantage 
  • Experience with Azure or another cloud service in production would be an advantage 
  • You will be keen to work ‘in the open’ with a team delivering projects – to best understand the impact of your work and needs of our clients 
  • You will initially be responsible for the security documentation, certification and ensuring end users personal data is safe. 

What we will provide: 

  • Opportunity to work in a world leading data science and economics start-up – with big ambitions and the team to deliver these. 
  • The opportunity to join our EMI scheme. 
  • The opportunity to work in our open-plan, collaborative innovation workspace in central Leeds. 
  • Freedom to work at home whenever that makes sense for you (we worked this way before Covid) we encourage office working a couple of times a week to support team development and your knowledge and growth. 
  • Guidance on your work with autonomy to create and implement your ideas. 
  • Flexible work hours. We have very high standards and we trust you to meet them without micro-management.  
  • The tools, computers, and software, that you need to do a great job. 
  • OKRs plan focused on supporting you to deliver YOUR best. 
  • Benefits designed around you (whilst we have socials and team activities, our benefits packages are designed around each person- because we know a high performing team is made up for very different types of people. Whilst buying a bike for one person might be brilliant, for another it could be redesigning their home office, or paying for training…) 

For more information, or to supply your CV please send to [email protected] deadline 30th Aug 2022, please note we are keen to hire for this role, so do send your CV/ questions ASAP as we will interview before the deadline.